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Peer voting on questions and answers is the primary way users gain reputation, and also how many items are sorted when using filters.

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Closing questions as exact duplications: 'best practice'

One of the concepts behind the StackExchange model is that questions which have the same underlying basis can be treated as duplicates, so it's possible to have a single place where the answers are '...
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Downvoting answers exploiting different approaches with respect to the initial question

Today, reading Color the faces of a graph I noticed that the OP downvoted Karl's students's answer and g.kov's answer. These answers, actually, do not use TikZ, but show how the picture the OP was ...
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Why answer a question that doesn't deserve a vote?

I am surprised that most questions have fewer votes than the answers. It often happens that a question has no vote, or even a negative vote, but the answers have several votes. As egreg says: if ...
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Vote early and often!

I'm a moderator from MathOverflow, and this "question" is actually unsolicited advice, based on our experience from the initial launch of MathOverflow. We should encourage everyone to vote ...
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Why do (top) users on this site have such high reputations?

This is something that I've found vaguely weird about this site for some time: the reputations of top users are insanely high here. Today I got curious and went to other big sites on the network, and ...
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TeX.SE really are nicer voters

I've heard a rumour, that people on TeX.SE are nicer and more inclinded not to down vote, where as people on Programmers.SE are the opposite. The first is true, where as the second is not. Here are ...
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Is it possible for moderators to accept an answer?

There are numerous examples of questions on TeX.SX and SX sites where the OP has asked a question, some one has provided at least one complete solution but the OP has not accepted any of the answers. ...
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Why can I only vote 37 times?

I just have voted 37 times and wanted to upvote a new answer but I'm not allowed to do. Message: Daily vote limit reached I would understand this if the number would be 40, but 37?
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Voting on a question that you answer

I've seen quite a few instances of folks going to the trouble of answering a question without up-voting the question itself. Surprisingly, the answer often continues to receive further up-votes, and ...
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Should I downvote spam?

When I see a spam answer, I flag it for moderator attention. Should I also downvote it?
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Poll: which are the "Cinderella" topics?

We all have the feeling that every TikZ post, even the most trivial one, gets a lot of upvotes. My question is: on the contrary, which are the topics that deserve more upvotes than the ones they ...
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How can I have voted 41 times in a day

The voting limits are well known to me and are also well explained on Post votes (votes on questions and answers) Thirty post votes per day per user (includes upvotes and downvotes)...
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Policy on +1 comments

What is the policy on "+1" in comments? Should they be flagged? I think that "+1" should not be included in any comment because +1 is what you do with an upvote. It is meaningful to state what you ...
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Poll: "wrong" reasons to upvote

From the Help pages: What is voting up? Voting up is how the community indicates which questions and answers are most useful and appropriate. When should I vote up? Whenever you ...
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Down-vote etiquette

This follows on a bit from etiquette (particularly on voting to close). I got a down-vote to my answer to this question. I should probably make clear at the outset that I really don't care about ...
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Downvoting old, weak questions

From the 221 unanswered questions's comments thread: One thing to keep in mind in this context is that there is some automatic deletion of old unanswered questions without upvotes. – Hendrik Vogt ...
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Voting on behaviour vs question content

This question Control start point of nested list was posted within minutes of the OP receiving an answer to this question Horizontal space in lists. Understandably, some of us (myself included) were ...
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My votes on the new community ads get reverted

For the beginning, it's true that I don't like the fact that we use the same community ads again and again. According to that, I've decided that I'll downvote those 2014 community ads that I don't ...
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In what case should we downvote questions/answers?

I know that we should not downvote all bad questions/answers. So in what case should we downvote those questions/answers?
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How to find posts associated with voting

In terms of voting, the Meta FAQ mentions: What does voting mean here? Voting here works a bit differently from the main site. On Meta, voting is often used to express agreement or ...
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What is the difference between these two kinds of close votes?

We find that we can ask a post to be closed in two ways. Use the close link under a post. And cast a close vote in the review panel. What is difference between the two? How are they recorded in ...
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Direct counter for the total daily votes

Is there a direct counter where I can see the total daily votes (40 votes) without the need to subtract from the last vote given yesterday, for example?
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