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Questions tagged [vote-to-close]

Voting to close is the process by which users can vote to close a question if it is off-topic or otherwise disallowed by the FAQ.

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Can we get back the meta -> main migration path?

It seems that the meta -> main migration paths were removed. We are a community-driven site, and when someone posts wrongly a question (which happens quite often), I think we are well qualified to ...
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Why are some chatty, open-ended questions not closed?

Why are some questions like "What are the most common mistakes that beginners of (La)TeX and Friends make?" allowed on SE while they are clearly among the list of questions that should not be asked? ...
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Closing as OT with custom reason: why not use the custom text in the close banner?

When voting to close a question as off topic, and entering a custom close reason, should not that text be used in the "closing banner" that is displayed in the post? Given that all close-voters use ...
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Review Close Votes without a single vote

I was just prompted to review a Close Vote for a question that had no previous votes to close: Usually, a close vote tally will be added after each reason selected (could be more than one). As such, ...
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Should it be possible to address question closure votees

In this question, barbara said the following thing in her comment: (i addressed you with the comment since yours was the only one present, and only one "target" is recognized.) As far as I ...
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How can I know who voted to close a question of mine?

How can I know the three people who voted to close a question of mine before the number of five votes is reached, and when they voted so?
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