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Refers to users of the site. They contribute through posts - {questions} and/or {answers} - and {voting}.

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What happened to Schrödinger'scat?

I was always confident that @Schrödinger'scat (user: 194703) would answer most of TikZ related questions. But today I realized that s/he has closed his/er account. What happened to Schrödinger'scat? ...
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Unknown users within the Suggested Edits review queue

On several occasions I have found that in the Suggested Edits review queue there are new (low-reputation) users who almost always suggest insignificant or irrelevant changes to questions or answers. ...
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Corrected procedure to contact a user who does not write in chat [duplicate]

Is there a way to contact or ping a TeX.SE user who does not use the chat to send a private message, or comment? What is the correct procedure?
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How can one politely ask unknown users to consider stopping serial votings?

For one week, every day I received a large amount of upvotes which have been identified as serial upvotes and thus undone. Of course, I do not know who casted the votes. Given the definition of "...
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16 votes
4 answers

How to set up viewing preferences to automatically exclude postings of certain specific users?

Just as it is possible to automatically highlight postings if they are "tagged" with various keywords, it is also possible to ignore postings if their tags are on a user-specified "ignore list". ...
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11 votes
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A question about ducks and other animals

I'm just out of curiosity. Why people here (TeX.SX users) love ducks so much? What's wrong with other animals, like dogs, cats, birds, fishes, geese, swans, marmots, penguins, or much more other ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Questioners not responding to answers

There are (many) occasions where a questioner does not respond/acknowledge any answers to their question. Currently an answerer is prohibited from given any kind of recognition to their answer even ...
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When will @egreg reach 654321

And the winner is: yo'! Congratulations! As prize yo' selected a scout duck with neckerchief: (it is already available in the development version of the tikzducks package and will be included in the ...'s user avatar
32 votes
2 answers

Who is the user removed in February 2017?

Does anybody know (a moderator?) who is the user that has been removed which yesterday night caused to many of us a great amount of lost reputation? I don't think he is Harish Kumar, who had a very ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How can I find stats about all the people contributed to my posts?

I started last week posting questions issues in this Q&A space. I had no idea how to use LaTeX. Now I learned a lot of thing thanks to many people helped me. I want to recognize your help in my ...
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16 votes
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Do you have a life? [closed]

Some people on this site deserve an exceptional amount of respect, since they contribute to this site in such a way that it is almost unbelievable. I shall not mention any names, but I think you all ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How to search for persons with high ranking

Suppose I want to find individuals who rank high in answering questions with certain tags. How would I frame the search query and where do I enter it?
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6 votes
1 answer

Negative reputation?

Let us see this screen (29th November 2013): I know that Marien..., oh, Donut E. Knot, has many names and this is a source of a strange value. But should I communicate such behaviour of the platform ...
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26 votes
2 answers

The Erdos graph for TeX.SE

In the Erdös graph for TeX.SE two people are connected if they have contributed to (asked or answered or commented on or edited) the same question. What does this graph look like? Are the data ...
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How to trigger the auto-completion in a comment when referring to a non-latin user name?

I want to make a comment for this answer but because one user has a Chinese character as its user name, I failed to refer it in the comment. Shortly speaking, how to trigger the auto-completion (aka ...
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