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Someone has written 100 thousand (!) answers (graphic design bug)

I was really surprised to see that egreg has written 100570 answers! I thought it's a bit too much, and indeed -- it is. The number of answers blends into the number of questions. In my opinion, this ...
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9 votes
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Misalignment of badges/numbers on user-profile page

The current user-profile page shows the badges/numbers looking like this: Here is a similar view of the top-bar: I think the vertical alignment of the badges in the user-profile view should match ...
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4 votes
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Inconsistent aspect ratio

My image appears with different aspect ratios in different locations, making it difficult to wear a hat properly. I tried replacing my old GIF image with a PNG version, but it still changes. The ...
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Missed the time of the day, hour, minute on every profile?

I've noticed, and I hope that I'm not wrong, that every user profile is missing the time and the date when they last logged in TeX.SE. The question, although synthetic, refers to the opening or ...
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