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Unanswered questions are those questions which have no up-voted or accepted answers.

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Answering this 3-year-old closed question?

I recently found this question: Parts of my text disappears! I had the exact same problem in my document and also cannot upload a MWE. Nonetheless, a comment to this question contained a "...
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View unanswered questions with most recent first

At the answers appear to be listed in order of number of votes. Which means it basically never changes (most voted first). Is there a way to ...
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Upcoming event "Answer the unanswered"

In the right column on the "questions" page there is a box "Upcoming events" with an entry "Answer the unanswered in 5 days". Where do I find more information on what this event is about? Clicking on ...
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Search questions without comments

I was wondering if it is also possible to search for questions which are unanswered AND also lack any comments? I could not find it here or using Google.
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How can we (and should we) help new users on pushing unanswered posts?

I just noticed that it can be hard for new users on our site to push some existing but not answered question. If a new user finds such a post (maybe the first visit on our site), he will have only two ...
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Should a question that is answered in a comment be voted on to be closed?

I may have misinterpreted the purpose of the close question status, so I welcome all comments about consequences that I haven't considered. Context: As a TeX user with limited experience, I am not ...
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Make old question answered

There is a bunch of questions that are answered, but not marked so. Is there a way to remove questions from the "unanswered" lists if they are obviously answered? One example: Problem with mhchem ...
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Allegedly unanswered questions

There are currently more than 3200 questions on that have no upvoted answers. Many of these have been answered, though, often in the comments. Is it somehow possible to mark a question as ...
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Closing questions of new (inactive) users?

I started to notice a lot of new users post their first question and, then, disappear. They don't close their topics (by accepting an answer). It is created lots of unanswered questions (although ...
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Non reproducible problem

I asked yesterday a question about a problem I encountered. However the problem was in someone else's computer that I have very limited access to and the problem went away after a recompilation. It is ...
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What to do with the solved questions concerning a mistake not linked to the question?

This question has for aim to help reducing the number of unanswered questions. Looking to the unanswered questions I went through this question called Error typesetting large bracket with multiple ...
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How can I ask for more attention if an answer hasn't been provided yet? [duplicate]

In a recent thread of mine (this one), no answer has been provided yet. To give a short outline: I am basically concerned for the issue to produce n.d. for citations and bibliography items when no ...
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Adding the "accepted" mark to a question or to a comment

Related to How to end the unanswered status of really solved questions in the comments? There are a lot of question in the main TeX.SE like this with no real answer but with a comment that contains ...
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How to end the "unanswered" status of really solved questions in the comments

Probably this is a duplicate of 221 unanswered questions but now there are 1408 unanswered questions! This mean that the problem far from being solved, is getting worse. A frequent type of very old ...
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Incomplete answer

Just came across an unanswered question for which I am close to finding an answer, but not yet 100%. Unfortunately, I am also stuck as to why my solution is buggy. This let me to wonder what is the ...
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Should hit-and-run question posters be penalised?

In my experience, some users (not necessarily new ones) tend to post a question, get an answer they are satisfied with (as evidenced, typically, by their leaving a comment that include a "thank you"), ...
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Regular "Let's deal with unanswered questions" chat meetings?

Joseph Wright suggested in chat that we arrange to meet regularly in chat to discuss unanswered questions. He said: How does this idea sound: we agree a regular (once a month) slot to discuss ...
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221 unanswered questions

I've knocked a couple of questions off that list, but still, we are in a much worse state than we were when we left beta. IIRC, we had around 40 back then. The reason for them seems to be the drive ...