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Better experience on this website - Copying code to clipboard

This site is missing an important feature: a button for copying LaTeX code and co to the clipboard.
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What is the preferred capitalization/spacing for the name of this site?

I found a dialog box on SE (all sites, not just this one) that capitalizes it as "TeX-LaTex Stack Exchange". This seems odd to me, as Wikipedia uses a capital X in LaTeX. That said, I'm not ...
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Contact Staff Stack Exchange or with form or an email

I would to to know what is how I can to contact Stack Exchange Staff to send a private message via email or through a private form. Thank you. Is it this:
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Updating tag wiki on Stack Overflow

Recently there has been a discussion on Meta Stack Overflow (again) about whether to ask LaTeX questions on Stack Overflow or on TeX.SE. I answered that question (
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What's up with the current monthly rep point totals on TeX.SE?

I just took a look at the first page of site's users, listed by within-month rep count: While the names seem comfortably familiar, the rep point totals for many of the users seem high -- impressively ...
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When are the questions on Stack Exchange archived

When are questions and answers archived and what is the criteria for deciding whether to archive them or not.
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Why not use Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I use HTML/CSS since 3 years and I used often Stack Overflow to solve problems about it. Anyway, I'm a beginner in LaTeX world and I discovered LaTeX site in Stack Exchange. I ask me, Why not use ...
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2 answers

CAPTCHA despite logged in with good reputation

I just posted my first answer on this site, sharing a solution I've found to a problem that was not yet listed. Given a high enough reputation score on another SE site, I received 100 reputation bonus ...
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14 answers

Why do (top) users on this site have such high reputations?

This is something that I've found vaguely weird about this site for some time: the reputations of top users are insanely high here. Today I got curious and went to other big sites on the network, and ...
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Please change the association of my chatroom from TeX to Travel SE

I created a chat room to promote the Korean Language Proposal at Area51 here: However during creation it ...
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2 answers

Why does TeX.SE exist?

I am asking this purely out of curiosity: Why is there a specific Stack Exchange for TeX? There is no HTML.SE, Python.SE, Java.SE, etc. It appears to me that all other programming languages (and ...
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You've earned the "反対投票する" privilege! Learn more about it in the help center

Yesterday I have obtained the "vote down" privilege. Some days ago I have obtained this privilege in other site of StackExchange, too. But today I see this. The URL is correct and send to here, but......
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5 votes
1 answer

Where should we pose a question? Tex-Latex + Meta-Tex + Stack Overflow

I am a new user and my first question was migrated to this site of Meta - Tex. I didn't yet understand how do we have to pose questions with these different type of sites: TeX - LaTeX, Meta - Tex, ...
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5 answers

The importance for getting an account

Sorry if this question seems stupid. I want to check. What is the importance for getting a high reputation and earning a lot of badges in professional life?
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Chat with an expert? [closed]

What is this? The upper small banner appeard twice in the last few days and disappears when clicking not now and can’t be found again. The lower window opens if i click “chat with an expert” and it ...
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5 answers

Which is more common: "TeX.SE" or "TeX.SX"?

I have seen people refer to this site as "TeX.SE" and "TeX.SX". Which is more common? Is one preferred (by appearing in official places)? I don't think that standardization is necessary: usage will ...
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17 votes
2 answers

How to deal with TeX.SE question that is duplicate of a question on another StackExchange site?

Is it possible to flag a question as a duplicate of a question on another StackExchange site (SE site)? What if the question is closed there as off-topic? For example, see this question on TeX.SE and ...
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When was the TeX - LaTeX site at Stack Exchange founded?

When was TeX.SE founded? I notice that a lot of early questions were migrated from StackOverflow. So I'm wondering when the actual TeX.SE site was created.
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Follow and help the English Language Learners SE proposal!

There is a proposal for an English Language Learners SE site. I leave up to each of you to have their opinion on the proposal, but I think it needs more attention! Also TeX.SE could benefit if some ...
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Follow and help the Typography.SE proposal! [closed]

There is a proposal for a Typography.SE site. I leave up to each of you to have their opinion on the proposal, but I think it needs more attention! So please go to its Area51 page, make your opinion ...
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Where to ask questions about StackExchange?

I know this is not a great place to ask this question, as is it not about TeX, but ... where do I ask questions about StackExchange? All internet forums use to have a section to discuss and ask ...
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1 answer

When are the stack exchange accounts synced?

The information seen on a users profile about the accounts - is there a certain interval for sync between the sites of stackexchange? Or when are latest changes synced to the other sites? For ...
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13 votes
1 answer

New user profile page!

A redesigned user profile page is online on, the meta site for the entire stackexchange network. They're looking for feedback before they release the new layout for the entire ...
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Notable Stack Exchange news

I plan from time to time to post here a few newsworthy items from meta.SO that aren't tagged [stackexchange] and so don't turn up on the meta-so-for-texnicians tag set. Feel free to join in.