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A specific question refers to a particular and individual question on the site. This tag is used to query the community on the specifics of a particular question asked on the main site or the meta site.

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Why was this question closed as needing details or clarity?

Package minted Error: Missing Pygments output is closed as "needs details or clarity", but I can't figure out why. To me the question perfectly clear: they post a minimal example of their ...
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Testing the possible duplicate technique before voting for close

In my question, it has been voted for close as a duplicate of this, however, I didn't manage to make the suggested approach work for me. So, can there be a message to the voters to carefully check if ...
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Is it always a bad sign to have a question with views and zero interactions?

This is the first time I found myself in this situation (I remembered now it is not the first :)). My last bountied question has a compilable MWE with clear explanation and inquiries. However, I ...
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3 answers

biblatex for idiots

Every time I post a link to the following useful question I cringe a bit. I don't think everyone is familiar with the idiomacity in English of this phrase "X for idiots" or "X for dummies", and for ...
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Question that needs no answer but has a good one

At position punctuation after a box I asked how to reformat punctuation that (as it turns out) is correct as is. There's an answer to my question as asked which I've upvoted. It doesn't seem quite ...
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4 answers

Have we really started to want opinion-based questions?

This question got reopened and I question its reopening: Why is LaTeX so complicated? I can't but see that the question is so opinion-based that it can't be answered objectively. This makes it "bad" ...
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How to avoid closing a question that gets more than 5k views!

This question here has been asked on May 27th, 2013 and closed the same day for the reason »This question is unlikely to help any future visitors; ...« Today we have to realise that this question ...
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What is this issue with Word vs LaTeX in the past days?

What is the issue with Word vs LaTeX in the past days? Visual comparison between LaTeX and Word output LaTeX vs Word Does LaTeX really perform worse than Word Is there some upcoming event, and one ...
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3 answers

Why was this question about research on LaTeX considered too opinion-based?

Recently my question about the validity of some research findings on LaTeX usage was placed on hold as "primarily opinion-based", however it is not clear why this question falls outside the general ...
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Why does my solution belong in the question rather than the answer?

As an active member of one of the more unusual stacks, I am well aware that each stack has its own community and to an extent its own norms. However, when it comes to the network-wide guidance on ...
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0 answers

Thought question was answered, but MWE now behaves as originally

I recently posed a LaTeX question: Adding different entities to a table of contents, part 2 I thought it was answered and now can't get the MWE to work. I don't know what happened. Should I post ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Answers that solve the problem without answering the question

I recently posed this question Installing EB Garamond (miktex lua) encore encore The comment thread shows the work @UlrikeFischer, @Herbert, @cfr (combined reputation 235K) did trying to help. What ...
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Is famous question badge still awarded at 10K views?

Did "they" stop giving famous question badges? If not, does 10K views mean less than 10,000 views?
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1 answer

Questions put on hold as opinion based

I wanted to know where LaTeX is lacking with the idea that I could develop patches for it. I believe, it is not an opinion based question. Definitely, whatever developed, will have room for ...
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3 answers

Do we follow StackExchange rules?

I ran across the following question on the hot question list: Nice scientific pictures show off By StackExchange rules, this question is clearly not suitable. It is far too broad. Also, it is a "...
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1 answer

Can I ask a question about the pdf format to solve a tikz issue?

I am having trouble with tikz's way of handling colors in patterns. It seems that the problem is linked to the pdf code written by pgf at system level. Following @DavidCarlisle advice, I read some ...
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Non reproducible problem

I asked yesterday a question about a problem I encountered. However the problem was in someone else's computer that I have very limited access to and the problem went away after a recompilation. It is ...
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Very frequent bibtex question

A question appearing very frequently is "I have created a bib file, but my references don't appear in the pdf" and variations, where the cause is the failure to run the usual latex->bibtex->...
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14 votes
1 answer

How to go about resurrecting an old question that already has an accepted answer?

Quite a while ago I asked this question about biblatex receiving a "hackish" answer that solved my problem at the time (although it is certainly not perfect as I have to change the content of my .bib ...
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Is "mathtools.sty not found" too localized?

I found this question through google: mathtools.sty not found in kile and the answer in it solved my similar problem. The question is closed as too localized. I believe that the question is not too ...
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68 votes
6 answers

Let’s polish the Editors/IDEs question

Our question LaTeX Editors/IDEs is very popular, with close to 35k views as of Feb ’13. However, the answers vary a lot in terms of quality and the kinds of information they provide, which makes ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Best answer is split across two posts from same missing user

This question: Can I declare a different overlay specification in different beamer modes? just became "Popular" but it needs some help to get into canonical SE format. Here is the history: I ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Delete or close my question (MikTeX can’t find xstring)

I asked MikTeX can’t find xstring, because I wasn’t sure what the problem is and although I googled miktex xstring a didn’t found anything especially not the bug report that Ulrike linked in her ...
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Asking for advice in choosing a package to do a particular task

Is it good practice to ask something like 'what are the best packages to add a nomeclature? How do they compare?' It sounds useful to me but I have read some have prejudices (that I somehow share) ...
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3 answers

Reason for closure of a question

I am wondering what was the reason to close my question Underfull \hbox and Underfull \vbox as being too localized. The question asks what for ways to fix the warning "Underfull \hbox and Underfull \...
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22 votes
1 answer

Thoughts on asking: How do I update my system?

A lot of questions on the main site are fixed by updating the distribution. At present, I don't think we have a comprehensive guide to updating the various distributions- the answers are spread about ...
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Canonical TeXnicCenter question?

Update 13-03-02: This question just earned its OP a Famous Question badge for 10k views. I just voted to close In TeXnicCenter I'm trying to produce a PDF but no output is being created, but then ...
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8 answers

Discussion about "Contest: Show Off Your LaTeX Skillz"

Post any questions or comments regarding Contest: Show Off Your Skillz in TeX & Friends [ birthday] here. I'll add information to the original post if required.
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How did the "Cthulhu worshipping madman" question get so popular?

The question How do I make my document look like it was written by a Cthulhu-worshipping madman? has seen a rise to fame not known to before. It's currently the question with the second most ...
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