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Questions tagged [review-page]

For questions about the /review path where users can view and act on posts by other users that the system thinks may need attention.

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21 votes
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Add "Change (answer) to comment" in review page

Some of the answers I reviewed are no answers, they are comments, but normally the user has not the reputation to comment. To make things easier for the moderators isn't it possible to add a button ...
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20 votes
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First post questions: Good reviewing practice

In light of related questions Is the "First Posts" review queue partially broken? and First Post review process broken. As suggested by Charles Stewart and mafp. I am listing out some ...
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14 votes
0 answers

Why does the review system not prevent reviewing questions that are just now rewiewed by another one?

Just a few minutes ago I was rewiewing a first post. Another one did also rewiew the same post and closed his review first, so that my review with more correcting was deleted. Why does the review ...
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12 votes
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Up-voted posts in “First Posts” review tool

When using the new review tool for first posts, I came across some questions, that I already up-voted before. So in essence I already did review them. That means either they should not appear in the ...
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11 votes
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Review Close Votes without a single vote

I was just prompted to review a Close Vote for a question that had no previous votes to close: Usually, a close vote tally will be added after each reason selected (could be more than one). As such, ...
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8 votes
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Change the color of the number of suggested edits

The 2 on the review page is hardly visible. Even though a disabled/grayed out look might be desired (because I couldn't actually review these suggested edits), this is just illegible: (Using Safari 5....
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7 votes
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Please lower the threshold for the brown review number to 1

The brown number appears next to the review button in the top bar only if there are at least 3 items to review. I would pretty much prefer to show this brown button whenever there is at least 1 item ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Post title font cut off under review queue

Consider the following review when viewed through Google Chrome: Here's the same review through Firefox: Here's the same review through IE: Both Chrome and IE cut parts of the descenders off the ...
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6 votes
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Button "Next" in review actions

When I want to see what is available under review I select "Close Votes" to take a look. Then, the only actions there are: But I have the next problems: I am not a native English speaker and ...
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