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New package, selnolig, that automates suppression of typographic ligatures

Update 2013/05/28: The selnolig package is now on the CTAN, at Comments and critiques always welcome! The email address you may use to contact me is given at the bottom ...
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How did the "Cthulhu worshipping madman" question get so popular?

The question How do I make my document look like it was written by a Cthulhu-worshipping madman? has seen a rise to fame not known to before. It's currently the question with the second most ...
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What potential problems should be checked for in the great CommonMark switch? is scheduled to undergo a code conversion to CommonMark tomorrow (10 June 2020); for details, see We're switching to CommonMark. The last time an under-the-covers code conversion was ...
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'Listening in' to a question

Maybe I'm missing here something... I believe others have had this issue before, too. So here it is: I can't find a way of following or 'listening in' to questions I am interested in. I'd like to get ...
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Graphs on the duration of access to the TeX.SE site for professional training

In a previous question A clock into StackExchange to access time counting, given the numerous frequent changes and updates by the operators of the site I would like to know if there is a possibility ...
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What day is it today?

I've just hit the reputation cap (been a long time since I did that on MathOverflow) so all my incentives for answering or asking questions today have just defenestrated. Flippancy aside, when is the ...
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Contact Staff Stack Exchange or with form or an email

I would to to know what is how I can to contact Stack Exchange Staff to send a private message via email or through a private form. Thank you. Is it this:
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Why is LaTeX and TeX not supported in the TeX stackexchange? [duplicate]

For some inexplicable reason, the normal $ notation for LaTeX is not supported on SE (other than math). How can I otherwise use TeX and LaTeX on this SE site at least?
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Is this question about TeX software appropriate

I looked at the FAQ but couldn't quite tell if this question is appropriate. I want to ask for advice on how to fix TexWorks on my computer. I installed Miktex which came with TexWorks, but tried to ...
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