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Questions tagged [questions]

This tag for questions about, well, questions: how to ask, whether specific questions are appropriate, and so forth.

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Asking for the sake of learning or debugging my own solution to already-solved-problem

Many times I ask questions after I failed to come up with my own solution. So, how nice is it to ask a follow-up question for knowing what is wrong with my code not for solving the already-solved-...
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Should we edit popular questions to be 'model' questions new users can pattern after?

There are several top-visited posts that aren't great models for new questions: No room for a new \dimen How do I fill table cells with a background color? Remove ugly borders around clickable cross-...
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Who tweets for – and how would I know if I have been tweeted?

Please forgive my ignorance of tweeting, twitter, and other words matching tw.* I was editing one of my previous questions, and noticed that it had been tweeted This also happened to one of my ...
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Am I being too lazy in asking this question?

Prospective question: How can I use LuaTeX to detect the position of a math symbol (unary vs. binary, after/before parantheses) in order to put a custom amount of spacing around it? Essentially, this ...
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Informing new-users about the MWE

Often (or mostly) we all encounter, when a new user asks a question that there is no MWE (done that myself). Also, we mostly ask them to post an MWE via comment. So, apart from giving a tour of the ...'s user avatar
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Would these be considered duplicates?

Symbols for symmetric difference Vertical spacing between character and \hat Adjusting the position of \dot Should these 3 post be considered duplicates? To me, they seem to be asking the same ...
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Is it always a bad sign to have a question with views and zero interactions?

This is the first time I found myself in this situation (I remembered now it is not the first :)). My last bountied question has a compilable MWE with clear explanation and inquiries. However, I ...
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Is it okay to ask a question requesting information on which existing packages provide "a general way to make new brackets"?

There is a question which shows how one can draw a new bracket style using pict2e, and then apply it for use as a bracket: Nice curved brackets (in the shape of \prec and \succ) There is a question ...
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Posting single line question and answer as visitor/spammer without proper signing/authentication

Why does the visitors to the TeX.SX (may be prospective TeX.SX user) have option to post Q & A as Guest and without proper signing/authentication before posting. For example (Visitor to TeX.SX ...
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Adjusting the Size of the Uploaded Image When Posting a Question

How may one adjust the size of the displayed image when posting a question? For example, I posted the following question yesterday: How to Draw a Rose in Latex If I wanted to scale down the image of ...
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