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Questions about privilege notifications and privilege wikis.

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What are the privileges and duties of assigning a gold badge in a tag?

I just got a gold badge for the pgf-tikz tag. I know that this badge gives me the privilege of closing with my vote alone a question with this tag if I feel that it is duplicated. This golden badge is ...
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1 answer

Why can't low-reputation users see protected questions?

According to the section on privileges it seems that I should be able to see a list of protected questions, however clicking upon the link leads to this page explaining that I don't have the required ...
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14 votes
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How is it possible to answer a closed question without asking for it to be reopened?

This question was closed by a prominent contributor with 87 gold badges including the boxes badge (which tags this question) at 4:48 pm. Another prominent contributor with 9 gold badges himself, but ...
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15 votes
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Is it possible to give away the golden hammer "privilege"? [duplicate]

If one acquires a score of 1000 points or more on a given tag, one gets awarded the "privilege" to single-handedly close questions. This is also called golden hammer privilege. But what if someone ...
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11 votes
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You've earned the "反対投票する" privilege! Learn more about it in the help center

Yesterday I have obtained the "vote down" privilege. Some days ago I have obtained this privilege in other site of StackExchange, too. But today I see this. The URL is correct and send to here, but......
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Edit length limits

Why is there a length limit on edits? One con to the limit is that it's not possible to correct some simple typos e.g. 'ture' for 'true'. Are there pros that outweigh this?
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Why can a new user post an answer but not a comment?

We can read here that there is a minimal reputation to comment a post. But there is no minimal to post an answer! I believe that an answer is more important than a comment.
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10 votes
3 answers

Permissions are out of whack

When you register for a new subdomain of StackExchange, your reputation is 1, which means the only thing you can do is ask questions or answer them. If I find someone already asked my question, and ...
12 votes
1 answer

Why can't I comment?

I'm pretty new to the SX world and slightly confused. I can comment on my own question and everything in that page, but the "add comment" button and textboxes just don't appear in any other page. It ...
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Privilege: edit community wiki posts

Don't know if this is the right place to answer this question, but I'll try it: I've now the "privilege to edit community posts"; moved by curiosity, I opened the link to understand what exactly they ...
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2 answers

disable "congratulations" notifications

I always get disappointed when I get a bunch of notifications, I think it is like, lots of comments and answers to my questions, and then it is just that silly stuff. Even better, if it is possible ...
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1 answer

Why does commenting require more reputation than answering?

I think that newbies are more inclined to make small remarks than full answers. The actual privilege mechanism forces them to put as an answer what should be a comment, and then require a moderator to ...
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12 votes
1 answer

"Approve tag wikis" privilege not granted with exactly 5000 reputation

Recently, I got to exactly 5000 reputation points. According to the privileges page, this should give me the ability to approve or reject tag wiki edits, which was confirmed with "you have already ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Why can I edit only some questions on Meta?

I can edit some questions (e.g. Who are the package maintainers here?), but only retag others (e.g. Who plans to go to DANTE 2012?). Why? I can edit all questions and answers on main.
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2 answers

Does it really take 15 rep to upvote an answer to your own question?

(StackExchange thinks my question is subjective and likely to be closed. =) I just got this comment "Will upvote you once I get 15 reputation (shame that you can't even upvote an answer to your own ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Recent change in privileges

Was there a change in the privileges recently on the main side and meta or is it me? I came recently over 3k reputation which made me visit the privileges page again. There are now two additional ...
13 votes
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Tag wiki editing policy inconsistencies

On an empty tag wiki page (e.g. here) it says that Tag wikis can be edited by users with more than 1500 reputation, provided: They are in the top 20 answerers for this tag or they hold the ...
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