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How to add these markers in a CV command? [migrated]

I am creating a LaTeX document in which I am using a custom education entry called '\educ'. However, I would like to apply the markers on left side (as illustrated in the image). I think the better ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Preserve [overleaf] tag if the question concerns an error/unexpected output

I've just answer this question here which is complaining about unexpected output from a sample document. The question was originally tagged with the [overleaf] tag, which I removed, since it doesn't ...
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tex.stackexchange preview snippet [duplicate]

What are ways to preview the output of snippets and "minimal working examples" in a question or answer posted on tex.stackexchange? I was asked to use pastebin, which requires a login. I guess, a ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Adding an Overleaf link as well/instead of MWE

I'm new here, and have answered a couple of questions where MWEs weren't really appropriate because the solutions involved minor tweaks to really long .bst files. I've made do with adding the ...
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17 votes
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Support questions about overleaf off-topic?

We got several questions on the main site about compilation and maybe other problems with Overleaf, an online LaTeX-Editor. Most of them got closed as off-topic or another reason, with comments ...
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