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MWE is an abbreviation for minimal working example.

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Uploading custom cls file

A lot of the time the questions I ask on the TeX stack exchange regard projects using specific class/style files (.cls, .clo, .sty, fonts, etc.). My approach to these questions has been to provide the ...
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Should I edit an answer to add a MWE and the corresponding output?

Recently I edited my first post here (about tfrac and sfrac commands) by adding a MWE and an output picture. I did it because I like to see these two elements in an answer. In this particular case, it ...
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How to reduce (prune) my code so it becomes a MWE (Minimal Working Example)? [duplicate]

Several times I saw newcomers struggeling with posting the right amount of code, which causes them problems. Many time they are linked to MWE advice like this one, but certainly will feel overwhelmed. ...
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A good way to ask a question?

I have been trying to find something on this site which provides guidance for someone asking a question as to how to do it in order to help someone answer it. I have failed. I'm sure that there must ...
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Closing as dup, while the linked Q/A takes longer to decipher than the current one?

Just another beautiful day and I was thinking about what closing as duplicate means. Certainly the rule of thumb/motivation is that if a question is answered once, don't answer twice. And then there ...
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Test cases vs minimalism in a MWE

What is the balance between test cases and minimalism in a MWE? I recently wrote a question with a MEW I thought was pretty good. One example, nice and clear what the issue is, but it gave me an ...
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MWE with basic structure or lots of hacks showing attempted solution?

Often users are asked to show a MWE showing what has been attempted to solve the problem. I've received a good answer to a question. But the answer alone doesn't work completely for my real code. By ...
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MWEs and their wrongly assumed place in the question

Purpose: To improve the user experience of the visitors of TeX.SX (who most likely provide the majority of the traffic), in exchange for the slight detriment of that of the questioners and answerers. ...
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Adding an Overleaf link as well/instead of MWE

I'm new here, and have answered a couple of questions where MWEs weren't really appropriate because the solutions involved minor tweaks to really long .bst files. I've made do with adding the ...
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Breaking the language barrier How to provide guidance for mwe in another language

I was dismayed nay surprised to find that I cannot web translate a page from this site due to its underlying structure. My intent was to point a shared link to a translator for the MWE guidance but ...
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How do I submit an MWE? -- The Help 101 Series by Saphar Koshet [duplicate]

Disambiguation. For the Community, this intends to be the very short One-Question/One-Answer the original started out to be. So, for comments on this, please see and participate in the original ...
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Insert an image into a MWE of a question or answer

Why don't some users add images when posting a question or answer? I believe that, at least for me, sometimes when the question is not very clear, the drawing helps to understand what you want. Do you ...
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Suggest users to add a MWE or MWEB to their question

For many questions a Minimal Working Example (with Bibliography) can be very helpful and for some it is even detrimental to the answering of the question. My suggestion is to point the user to MWE(B)...
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automatic check for MWE

For many questions (although not all), a MWE is helpful (see, e.g., Should minimal examples be required, or just encouraged, for questions to be answered?). However, many posts don't include one (...
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How to write and format a MWE [duplicate]

I have some difficulty in writing a MWE. Could someone explain please how to write and format a MWE on here? Many thanks
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Why does TeX require such elaborate MWE:s

Compared to StackOverflow, where you basically can post code snippets and ask questions about them, this community seems to require more or less the entire document to be posted. Why so, is it the ...
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Qs about how to ask Qs: putting images in source mwe and and adding output to questions

Three questions from a novice tex stack exchange user: What should I do if I need to include an image in the minimal working example for my question? Is there some standard image that comes with ...
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how to "extract" a good question from someone coming from a google search?

in werner's thorough answer to Why does TeX.SE exist?, the summary of results accepting after the area 51 beta states that Eventually, 90% of a site's traffic should come from search engines....
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How do I provide a MWE with a template?

I am running into problems with spacing and figures in my master's thesis. I would like to post it here to see if someone has a solution but I can't seem to get a MWE. The problem is that the template ...
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Best information to include when a MWE isn't 'possible'

Just want to preface this by saying I understand and agree with the importance of including a MWE, but I am curious about the best information to supplement a question with when a MWE would only ...
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How about encouraging the users to provide MWE before asking questions?

In the lights of increase in the number of questions without MWE, I was wondering how can we encourage the users to provide MWE prior to submitting the questions. Considering that in many cases these ...
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LyX user questions on TeX stackexchange

Is there a proper way to post a MWE when using LyX instead of LaTeX proper? The commonly used comment requesting a MWE is confusing to me when using LyX.
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How to write a MWEB (Minimal working example with Bibliography)?

Someone asks me to write a MWEB. How can I produce such thing? Explanation of the question's purpose: This question aims to complete the very useful other question "I've just been asked to ...
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How do I make a "a complete small document"? [duplicate]

When I asked my first question on this site, I was asked to provide "a complete small document that demonstrates the problem." What is "a complete small document" and how do I make one?
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How to provide pdf_tex files for MWEs?

In my minimal working example I use a pdf_tex file as input. I have been asked to upload it; however, I can only upload the pdf file since pdf_tex is a text file. Of course, I can paste the content ...
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Why not include all used packages in a MWE?

I noticed that it is encouraged to leave out unnecessary packages out of an MWE. Also other question/answers stress the minimal nature of a MWE. However, sometimes some packages need to be loaded ...
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How to post a MWE without personal information?

I have a strange behavior with the microtype package (for some reason it won't break a word, but no warnings). What can I do to post a MWE without personal informations? If I just replace the text ...
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Showing MWE online

It would be great, if the MWE (and a special tag (?) for this) would create a document in some online LaTeX, like WriteLaTeX or ShareLaTeX. Like it is done on en.cppreference (see the run this code ...
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Are there questions where we can recognize that a MWE is not necessary?

Question Is there a class of *TeX problem where we can readily recognize that MWEs are not really helpful or necessary — so that we can avoid putting people off by asking them for one? If so, ...
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What makes a good MWE?

Actually, when I was thinking about my next question and about to include one *.tex and one *.bib file in my MWE, I was looking for a MWE template here, but could not find one. But everyone here ...
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Minimal Working Example (MWE) [duplicate]

How do I pose a Minimal Working Example? How do I plug code into a question?
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MWE for page breaking problems

I have a large computer-generated document in which page breaks aren't appearing where I want them, despite liberal use of \pagebreak and nopagebreak. It's a real headache as even if I cut out two or ...
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Illustrating a multi-page MWE

I've often found that it is helpful to post a image with your MWE. In cases where you're using a single-Page MWE, ImageMagick's 'convert' utility does the trick. For multi-page MWEs (e.g. for ...
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Editing Minimal Working Examples (MWEs)

I've stumbled a few times across poorly written MWEs as part of questions, and realized recently that my take on what to do (edit it) isn't shared by everyone here (leave the question untouched and ...
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New support package for MWEs

I often saw that MWEs which include images can be a little bit of a problem. There are no common images in the TEXMF tree which could be used. Even the famous PS tiger is not directly accessible. ...
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I've just been asked to write a minimal working example (MWE), what is that?

I was posting some question about this strange thing LaTeX is doing when I try to compile my thesis. Someone asked me to provide a minimal example that reproduces the problem. My thesis is now a few ...