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"Migration" is the process of migrating off-topic questions from a Stack Exchange site to another.

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Can we get back the meta -> main migration path?

It seems that the meta -> main migration paths were removed. We are a community-driven site, and when someone posts wrongly a question (which happens quite often), I think we are well qualified to ...
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Why can't we migrate off-topic questions to other StackExchange sites?

This comment by Henri Menke has reminded me a question I wanted to ask. Every now and then, a good question appears, but which is not concerning LaTeX and friends. We can only close it as off-topic ...
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Off-topic closure: migration paths

In a related post I've asked (again) about custom 'off-topic' closure texts. As I note there, the second thing we need to address if closing as off-topic is a reasonable set of places on the ...
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Missing indication that question was migrated

The question was posted on Meta and then closed as off-topic. Apparently it was also migrated to the main site: https://tex....
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