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MathJax is a JavaScript engine for displaying mathematics, available on some Stack Exchange sites.

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Question with MathJaX tag

In different occasions when I see a question tagged MathJaX I think many times if I should answer it or not. Generally on the TeX.SE. site the questions marked with this tag are off-topic. Which are ...
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Why MathJax is blocked on this forum, but not on [duplicate]

Why MathJax is blocked on this forum, but not on ? I tried $,$$, and no way i can't do latex formulae. Thank you.
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TeX, TeX, and nothing else? [duplicate]

Background I had a long-term personal questioning about the fact if Markdown + Mathjax (which is great on math.SE for example) could be one day derived into a typesetting tool for printed documents. ...
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How to render LaTeX equations on this site? [duplicate]

What are the, LaTeX 'tags' used on this site? Sorry, my terminology may be off. E.g. on TeXworks on my PC its \( to open and \) to close. its \begin{equation} to open and \end{equation} to have an ...
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