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Questions tagged [low-quality-posts]

Anything related to posts of low quality, such as flagging posts for "very low quality", or the low quality posts review task.

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17 votes
1 answer

Should we really delete low quality answers?

Whenever looking at answers in the Low Quality Posts review queue that are real answers (i.e. should not actually be a comment, edit or new question), just bad ones, I'm a bit conflicted about ...
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13 votes
0 answers

How to deal with answers which are wrong?

Recently I see that some clearly-wrong answers are taken to the "Low Quality posts" review queue. Most of them are ended "Looks OK". But, in my opinion, such answers are wrong so clearly that they ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Edit to comment template?

This answer was posted recently. Werner commented. I saw this through the LQ queue, and I commented. This motivated me for this question. That comment template: This does not provide an answer to ...
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