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Can't login with an another device: I have connected my Stack-overflow account to Tex.SE

my qustion on SO: I am @Gomesz785.(SO account, Tex.SE account) One week ago ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Need an OpenID provider meeting certain criteria for identifying on SX sites

(Not really sure this question belongs here. But I'll give it a shot anyway.) I used to use for identifying on the SX network, and liked it. Now that it's gone, I'm using another ...
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Can I transfer my account from Google to Stackexchange?

I'm using my Google account to log in to tex.stackexchange. But, you know, what if Google some day deletes my account? And does Google really have be informed each time I log in? So can I transfer ...
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How does one log in to mark a question as answered if the Name/Email post question method was used

I asked the question What is a suitable package for drawing term algebra style trees and signed in using the Name/Email method. I guess, for some reason, I thought it would log me in. However, now ...
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