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Questions tagged [images]

For questions about the images used on StackExchange sites or about using images in your own posts.

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Adding images changes code block indices

I encountered some strange behaviour when posting this answer The problem: The inclusion of images altered code in the code block. Specifically, my code contained double indices of the form [i][1] ...
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What is the meaning/importance of Krampus?

I've noticed some images through documents and on site that use Krampus as part of a certain iconography. Where does this come from? Maybe related to GNU? But why/how?
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What is the best way to prepare LaTeX examples for posting on TeX.SE?

When I post small examples of LaTeX code, I use the convert -density 600 -trim file.pdf file.png method. This gives files that are extremely lightweight and integrate well into TeX.SE's quote ...
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