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Down votes when OpTeX is mentioned

It seems that somebody is allergic to OpTeX: Whenever I mention the example using OpTeX then a down-vote occurs. :) I use such examples only if there is a reason for it: The question doesn't mention ...
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Help me to find a topic for the next DuckBoat!

You know that the DuckBoats usually have two parts. The first one "Quacking in chat" is about TeX.SE news and similar topics, till now: the double backslash problem origin and evolution of duck ...
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9 answers

Preparing for Groundhog Day

As you probably all know, Groundhog Day is approaching. As usual, it will be on February 2. And since probably nobody wants to have a long period of lousy weather, I think we should be better prepared ...
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Question: Are you all reading about Donald Knuth, "The Yoda of Silicon Valley" in the New York Times today?

Don't miss the article. No MWE for this one.
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Let us have some TeX-mas fun [completed]

I hope we all know that Christmas is fast approaching. This indeed means that \begin{holidays} with a hope that it never ends \ldots but \ldots \end{holidays}. So, before we start celebrating the ...'s user avatar
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23 answers

When will @egreg reach 654321

And the winner is: yo'! Congratulations! As prize yo' selected a scout duck with neckerchief: (it is already available in the development version of the tikzducks package and will be included in the ...'s user avatar
43 votes
8 answers

How to recover from TeX.SE (or, in general, TeX-LaTeX) addiction?

TeX.SE is addictive, we have recently had evidence. I don't think this is only due to the reputation mechanism. For example, the little games available on FB have a similar reward mechanism: you win ...
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The duck giveaway 2016, seasonal edition

The Duck Giveaway 2016, Seasonal Edition Friends, the contest is over! The winning number was 50, picked by CarLaTeX. Thanks everybody for joining the contest! 'ello, ladies and gentlemen, boys ...
75 votes
89 answers

The duck giveaway 2016

Friends, the contest is over! The winning number was 3, picked by R. Schumacher. Thanks everybody for joining the contest! 'ello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, ducks and mallards, children of ...
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What is the meaning/importance of Krampus?

I've noticed some images through documents and on site that use Krampus as part of a certain iconography. Where does this come from? Maybe related to GNU? But why/how?
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Whats up with these unicoins?

Weird and funny is the idea of the unicoins. Who created it? Does this influence totally TeX.SX? What is the purpose of it? Was this a feature request?
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Leslie Lamport wins Turing Award

This "question" is probably off topic for even meta because it's not a question really and it's not directly related to TeX or the site, but... I thought I'd mention that Leslie Lamport (creator of ...
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How does Tag usage change over time?

This question really belongs in meta.tex.stackexchange, but I just created an account and don't have enough rep to post there. I used the June 2013 Stack Exchange data dump to look at the time ...
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16 votes
2 answers

TeX.SX background to be used in a document

Is the background here at TeX.SX copyrighted? If not, does any one know about a MWE which replicates the background on the webpage? I have always been amazed at it and would like to use it as a ...
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What are the most controversial questions and answers on TeX.SX?

Is there a way to look up what questions have a mix of downvotes and upvotes? I know we don't use downvotes much here, but I'm curious to find out what sorts of things would attract them, that aren't ...
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Chat with an expert? [closed]

What is this? The upper small banner appeard twice in the last few days and disappears when clicking not now and can’t be found again. The lower window opens if i click “chat with an expert” and it ...
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36 votes
3 answers

Why Metapost discrimination?

Searching for tikz on the main TeX.SE site yields 10,938 results. Searching for pstricks yields 627 results. Searching for metapost - only 213 results. A similar search for tags yields similar ...
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