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Personally, I don't like them. But maybe this is beyond the point. Were we consulted about this?
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Position with regard to unlicensed fonts

There was a question about how to integrate a specific font into a document. The fonts were commercial fonts and though the person did not state explicitly that they had downloaded unlicensed versions ...
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Layout problem in comments

There is a problem when showing text of an answer comment. If you look at my comment here, the text should read: ... right, this is because of the _. For some reason .. But the underscore is ...
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New font tags needed such as Garamond?

I wonder what the community thinks about font tags such as minion, times that already exist on this page. This is description of the minion tag: Minion is about how to use the Adobe Minion (Pro) ...
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What is the font used by

I am curious to know the font used to display's webpages because I want to use is to write my LaTeX articles. To be more precise, I am interested in the font used to ...
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Number formatting of statistics

This is how many people have completed their user profile fields: 3849 people out of 22354 (or about 17%). Sure, not everyone completes their tombstone, but that number sure is set in a super-huge ...
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Font size and "show excerpt" link in tag wiki pages

These are technically two different issues, but they're not too big of a deal so I'm putting them in the same question. Status quo: 1. Size of About {braces} Can the font size of {braces} be ...
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Why doesn't use TeX fonts?

Every day, I make my rounds through several of the SX sites, and I continue to be impressed by how beautiful looks compared to the others I visit. I've always wondered, though, why a site ...
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2 looks like a 4 in the font [closed]

When using OpenSuSE 11.3, the font for titles, votes and views counts has a very odd-looking character "2". It has an unusual serif-like crossing in the bottom part (sorry, I don't know the exact ...
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