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"The Dupehammer" refers to the ability of tag gold badge owners to unilaterally close and reopen duplicates which were asked in tags of which they have a golden badge.

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Is it possible to give away the golden hammer "privilege"? [duplicate]

If one acquires a score of 1000 points or more on a given tag, one gets awarded the "privilege" to single-handedly close questions. This is also called golden hammer privilege. But what if someone ...
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32 votes
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How to propose a question as duplicate without closing it due golden privilege?

Let's suppose I think a question with tikz-pgf tag is a duplicate of another one, but because I'm not sure about it I prefer someone else help me to decide it. The problem is that I have a gold medal ...
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15 votes
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Incorrect tag used to zap a question by the golden badge hammer

I found this strange thing which is IMHO a bug: The problem is that egreg zapped the question using his golden xetex badge. However, the question isn't tagged xetex, it had the tag but lost it ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Downvoting duplicates?

Is downvoting a duplicate (but otherwise sound) question a good thing to do? It seems to me that it unnecessarily alienates new users (who are probably the most likely to ask a duplicate question.) ...
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