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For questions about posts, deleted by their owners, through automatic processes, or by moderators.

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Why has my question been deleted?

I posted a question and received an answer. Shortly after that the entire post (question and answer) was deleted. Why is that? Additionally, why was my reputation reduced from 433 to 399?
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Are duplicate questions with no answers deleted?

When a question has (at least) an answer, it remains always visible, even if it is closed. On the contrary, closed questions with no answers, as far as I know, after some time are no more visible. ...
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How can one lose reputation by posting a comment?

This is to report a curious effect. I just lost 2 reputation points (not that I care) and my indicator shows The linked post is a deleted question, and all I did was to add a comment there. This is ...
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“Close” or “delete” own question?

After having asked this question I realized that it would better be suited on a different site. In that case, should I delete the question or vote to close? Is there something like a best practice?
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New User posted a "question" in "Answer" Section which was deleted

A new user posted a sort of question in the answer section: A better \pm symbol and this got deleted. Will that user still be able to see the comments so that he knows to post a new question? If, ...
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deleting a question I have posted to stackexchange site

I posted a question that I had no useful reply, just comments which did not answer it. How can I delete this question?
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