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Leslie Lamport wins Turing Award

This "question" is probably off topic for even meta because it's not a question really and it's not directly related to TeX or the site, but... I thought I'd mention that Leslie Lamport (creator of ...
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Discussion about "Contest: Show Off Your LaTeX Skillz"

Post any questions or comments regarding Contest: Show Off Your Skillz in TeX & Friends [ birthday] here. I'll add information to the original post if required.
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1 answer

Which prizes for contests?

On the occasion of our Birthday celebration beginning tomorrow: which prizes would you suggest for contests or rewards? Suggestions can range from some smaller prizes up to a few big ones.
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Celebrating the birthday of our {TeX} site

On November 11th, the first birthday of TeX Stack Exchange is coming up. That's the date when the site has been publicly launched, ending its beta phase. Let's celebrate it! Do you have ideas for ...
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Who designs the best tag wiki?

Tags are a map of our site. Tag description pages can be like small home pages, including information, internal links and links to helpful external resources. And they can be written with markdown ...
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TeX-SE Contests revisited

Some time ago I had a proposal for having contests on the main site. The original idea had a somewhat of a lukewarm support, but mostly because the idea was to stretch TeX-SE into something which ...
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Idea for TeX, LaTeX & Friends contests

I've been thinking about this for some time, and Will Robertson seems to have a similar idea to get stuff done by others, rewarding them with reputation. So, in short: part with your hard-earned ...