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Videos of TeX Users Group 2018 conference talks are online!

The TeX Users Group 2018 annual conference was held in Rio de Janeiro (at the mathematics institute called IMPA) in July. Many TeX.SE users participated and even gave talks there. You can watch videos ...
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TUG 2020 is going online July 24, 25 and 26th

TUG 2020 announcement The 41st annual TeX user conference (TUG 2020) is going digital on July 24, 25, 26. Register for free! Introduction As we move TUG 2020 completely online, we look forward to ...
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Still hacking anyway – TeX at the camp

In five days the hacker camp SHA2017 will start. The name means "Still Hacking Anyway", and it is part of a series of hacker camps happening every four years. This year it will be in the Netherlands, ...
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Who is joining the EuroTeX 2012 in Breskens?

Title tells it all: who is going to this year's EuroTeX? (/me is coming)
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