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For questions about fostering a sense of community amongst users of Stack Exchange sites.

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Thanks to the Community

I know that the post will very likely be deleted. I try it anyway: I just finished my (German) PHD project and I wanted to thank the community here for all the help and inspiration. The thesis can ...
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Thank you TeX.SE!

I just got my first book published and I would like to thank everyone here at TeX.SE for the help that they provided by answering the questions that I posted. I know that accepting an answer is ...
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Videos of TeX Users Group 2018 conference talks are online!

The TeX Users Group 2018 annual conference was held in Rio de Janeiro (at the mathematics institute called IMPA) in July. Many TeX.SE users participated and even gave talks there. You can watch videos ...
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Follow and help the English Language Learners SE proposal!

There is a proposal for an English Language Learners SE site. I leave up to each of you to have their opinion on the proposal, but I think it needs more attention! Also TeX.SE could benefit if some ...
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Moodle and Latex

Firstly, I'd like to ask: Would you support my request to enhance Moodle for better LaTeX support? Moodle, a widely used learning management system deployed globally in universities and high schools, ...
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