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Text building blocks

There are some replies that are used quite often. For example, the first reply to many questions is a demand for a minimal example. These replies should typically include a link with additional ...
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35 answers

Often referenced questions

Quick links (alphabetically) Additional (math) operators, relations and so on ❧ Beamer ❧ Bibliographies and citations ❧ Classes and class options ❧ Core concepts ❧ Cooperation with editors and non-TeX ...
103 votes
7 answers

Who are the package maintainers here?

Quick links: LaTeX Packages A-M, N-Z ❧ LaTeX Classes ❧ ConTeXt Modules ❧ Generic Packages ❧ Support Scripts ❧ Biblatex Styles A fair few users here have ...
21 votes
4 answers

Previous editing and etiquette discussions

We have a recurring theme of Official capitalization of (La)TeX and friends, removing Thanks, code blocking code snippets, retagging, grammar fixing etc. discussion here on Meta-TeX-SX. The reason ...
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1 answer

Which questions led to the creation of a new package? occasionally inspires people to be ingeniously creative and write cool packages. Let's have a list of all the CTAN packages that originated in a question on I suggest a single CW ...
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FAQ request: encourage use of [big-list] meta-tag

The About meta-tagging qn tried to help us reach a policy on meta-tags. I'm not convinced by Jeff's argument, but I'm relaxed about losing most of them, with the single exception of the [big-list] ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How to manage big lists?

It has been more or less accepted that big-list questions can be useful and are welcome in the site. But I think we should try to define some guidelines on how these questions should be handled by the ...
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StackExchange secret pages

So I recently learned about the review page. What other unlinked goodies pages exist?