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New package, selnolig, that automates suppression of typographic ligatures

Update 2013/05/28: The selnolig package is now on the CTAN, at Comments and critiques always welcome! The email address you may use to contact me ...
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When will the tex SE go out of beta?

Are we close to getting out of it? I remember when it started private beta, the Ubuntu SE beta started around the same time, and now it's been out of it for a few weeks. What are we waiting for? I'm ...
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2 answers

Nearing the end of public beta ....

(This is really "For Your Information" rather than a question) According to Area51, we're 11 days out from "being evaluated". You can see our current rating here. We get 3 "okay"s and 2 "excellents"...
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How to fulfill my commitment?

I committed to 'TeX, LaTeX and Friends', so could anyone point me how to fulfill that?
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Where can we find statistics about the site's progress through beta?

It would be useful to know what needs work at-a-click. Where can we read, gather, and/or store such information? It appears that we're moving from the answer-the-seeded-questions stage to another, ...
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Under construction: Seeding is going on!

I've been seeding some questions to the site, sometimes pretending to be a beginner, sometimes pretending to have some (nonexistent) problem with my thesis. I've written the questions in this way (and ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Why a daily vote cap on a new beta site?

As I've been voting on stuff posted in the beta (early and often), I'm getting a message about nearing my daily vote limit. When we're intentionally trying to seed the site with content, we shouldn't ...
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We need Tex markup [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we turn off math-tex please? Why doesn't maths render as maths? ... but, until we get it, I have created a GreaseMonkey script for use here.
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