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What to do with the 'latex' tag?

As we now have moderators, it's probably a good time to address the 'latex' tag. There are a few questions where this does seem to make sense (such as LaTeX versus ConTeXt versus plain versus ...). ...
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How to use effectively (possible FAQ addition)

I made the following comment in chat, and it got 4 stars, so I thought I'd raise it on meta to see if we can construct some "How to use the site effectively" content for the FAQ. (Which is only ...
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FAQ request: encourage use of [big-list] meta-tag

The About meta-tagging qn tried to help us reach a policy on meta-tags. I'm not convinced by Jeff's argument, but I'm relaxed about losing most of them, with the single exception of the [big-list] ...
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Link to editing help?

When asking a question, a sidebar provides an editing quick reference, and clearly points to the full manual. When answering a question, the "?" visual icon leads to the manual. At this site (as ...
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