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Changing stock comment for "'just do it for me' graphics questions" [duplicate]

Edit: @percusse asked a similar/the same question here, and there seems to be a bit more uptake on that version of the question, so perhaps this question should be closed as a duplciate of that one. ...
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I've just been asked to write a minimal working example (MWE), what is that?

I was posting some question about this strange thing LaTeX is doing when I try to compile my thesis. Someone asked me to provide a minimal example that reproduces the problem. My thesis is now a few ...
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Text building blocks

There are some replies that are used quite often. For example, the first reply to many questions is a demand for a minimal example. These replies should typically include a link with additional ...
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How do I draw this.....?

I know this question has been raised before at policy on "how do I draw this?" questions. I know a lot of us are annoyed by these questions. But I'm not so sure, as in the linked discussion, that ...
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Consensus vs accepted answers on meta

Let's get the facts straight Per SE policy, as outlined here the following applies On our main sites "the best answer" is somewhat fluidly defined as the superposition of the highest voted answer ...
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Why are poor questions still upvoted and answered?

Today I found another example: How to make a 16-gon?. This question shows no research effort whatsoever, yet it has been upvoted with a net of 4. Not only that, it has been answered by 3 different ...
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Misguided answer motivation

This question: Latex code for power electronic inverters, is one among many, where the (new) OP asks for code - not how to do it, but do it for me. People write welcome, show some effort yourself and ...
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Why was this question about research on LaTeX considered too opinion-based?

Recently my question about the validity of some research findings on LaTeX usage was placed on hold as "primarily opinion-based", however it is not clear why this question falls outside the general ...
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Etiquette for poorly researched questions?

I would like to open a discussion on this matter, because to the best of my knowledge, there has not been an answer covering, poorly researched questions in Tex SE. For clarity purposes I am not ...
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Welcome to TeX.SX!

Welcome to TeX.SX, the free, community driven Questions and Answers site for users of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems. Here is some information to help you get started and to make ...
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Notifying the user when they are about to post a "give me the codez"-question

We get questions like this all the time, where someone wants us to draw something for them in TikZ or some other graphics package, without providing a minimal working example. I'm wondering whether ...
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"Draw this for me" etiquette

I'd like to have a pretty complicated LaTeX figure, animated (if possible) for beamer. I'm modestly proficient in inkscape and some tikz, but can't imagine how to start this project. I suspect that if ...
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Should we avoid "gimme the codez" questions? [duplicate]

At Stackoverflow and other coding-related sides, it is kept a best practice to avoid asking and/or answering questions which simply ask to get the code for a particular (often oddly specific) scenario....
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