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What kinds of non-author edits are welcome here? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it (and isn't) acceptable to edit? Quite often non-CW questions and answers are edited and corrected by users who didn't write the original text. The edits range ...
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Is it okay to edit other answers to a question I have also answered? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it (and isn't) acceptable to edit? Say for instance, I have upvoted an answer but wrote another answer for more reference. But OP commented on the answer I upvoted ...
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Should I make minor edit in the code in the question to make it compilable? [duplicate]

Consider this question: Parallel arrows along a curve with tikz. The OP's code is clearly not compilable. The preamble of the code is not shown. However, we can add a single line \documentclass[...
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Respecting poster's style

When editing a question or answer, one usually fixes also occasional slips in capitalization, for example "Latex" into "LaTeX" or "Tikz" into "TikZ"; frequently one sees "i" for "I". If I interpret ...
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Removing "thanks" from questions

Why when I make an edit to a question just to "remove thanks" it is always rejected and when it is done by some other users it is accepted? Are there "favourite users" here or, most probably, between ...
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What goes in the FAQ?

One of the seven essential questions is: what goes in the FAQ. We should bear in mind that no-one ever reads these things first off. Their purpose is so that when someone takes some action (like ...
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When should I start to give back?

So far I think is a great resource for any LaTeX issue I have. Answers given here has been of great value to me, but I started to feel a bit guilty. So far I have only been taking from the ...
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Our set of tags

After a few questions about tags, meta-tags, what is valid and what should not, I thought it would be useful to keep all of this information in one place. Eventually this will be also useful to ...
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Updating an old answer when my knowledge improves, or a package is updated

One of the things I like the most about our community is that we learn from each other. I love reading and learning from everyone's answers- I have seen things done with LaTeX that I would never have ...
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Previous editing and etiquette discussions

We have a recurring theme of Official capitalization of (La)TeX and friends, removing Thanks, code blocking code snippets, retagging, grammar fixing etc. discussion here on Meta-TeX-SX. The reason ...
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What do you do when the OP rolls back an edit that improved its grammar?

If you edit a post by improving grammar, punctuation, and sentence flow, what do you do if the OP rolls it back to the poorly structure version? Here is the case in point: I'm using acronym ...
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Can we have some linking etiquette and guidelines?

I have observed several posts that say click here or here or here, which I find quite annoying since it requires the reader to click or hover over the link to find out what the author was referring to....
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"Official" capitalizations of words from the TeX world

This is a detail, but in some instances I don't know right away how words from the world of TeX & friends are properly capitalized. While it's not necessary or "acceptable" to edit a post only to ...
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Etiquette: Should I edit questions with "Thanks" or wait for Moderator?

I have a question, which to some might be a bit close to splitting hairs: Should I edit a question if there are things like: Thanks in advance UserNoName or the code is not properly ...
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Formatting in quoted material

An answer I posted ages ago was recently edited, and so I took a quick peek to see what had changed. The alteration was to capitalisation of 'MiKTeX', etc., which would normally be fine. However, the ...
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