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Answering in comments, why is it a trend? [duplicate]

I see so many people giving perfectly valid answers in comments to the question instead of answers. Why is that so? Comments cannot be marked as accepted answers, and people coming across the same ...
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About "trivial" answers [duplicate]

An obvious spinoff of the wonderful 'About "trivial" questions,' but different in intent. I'm still relatively new here, but I've been around long enough to see that a whole ton of ...
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Why are so many answers posted as comments? [duplicate]

In tex.stackexchange, it's pretty common for users to post comments that answer the question. Sometimes there are several good answers posted as comments, but nothing posted as an answer. This doesn'...
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putting answers in comments [duplicate]

When someone puts their answer to a question as a comment on the question, does that mean that the question was a bad question? Does it have any particular meaning? I don't see how I could mark that ...
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Why do (top) users on this site have such high reputations?

This is something that I've found vaguely weird about this site for some time: the reputations of top users are insanely high here. Today I got curious and went to other big sites on the network, and ...
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Empathy for those who don't know LaTeX well

I'm a big proponent of TeX. I want it to be accessible to a broad family of people, not just those who are sufficiently technically-minded to understand its inner workings, and/or understand the ...
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Quick & easy reputation vs. flagging a question as duplicate

I've been using TeX.SE for some time now, both for questions and answers. Although I do flag a new question as duplicate if I know that question has been posted before, I often find myself tempted, ...
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Duplicates tolerance is huge in this site

Many times I read questions from Newbies (like me) that are either too basic or which have already being asked many times and have accepted answers (judging from the links shown at the right of the ...
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What if a comment answers a question?

In „Why does the use of microtype and xfrac lead to a high compile time?“ the comment seems to provide the best answer. If seen this also in other questions. What is the best way to accept it as ...
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Previous editing and etiquette discussions

We have a recurring theme of Official capitalization of (La)TeX and friends, removing Thanks, code blocking code snippets, retagging, grammar fixing etc. discussion here on Meta-TeX-SX. The reason ...
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Is closing a question as off-topic for being answered in the comments a valid close reason on this site?

Just looking for clarification of the off-topic close rules here. My question How to remove indentation from one section? was just closed as off-topic. The comments indicate that at least one person ...
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How to end the "unanswered" status of really solved questions in the comments

Probably this is a duplicate of 221 unanswered questions but now there are 1408 unanswered questions! This mean that the problem far from being solved, is getting worse. A frequent type of very old ...
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What is the etiquette for providing an answer already in the comments?

Most of the times when I see a question that I (think! I) can answer, I leave a comment first checking if that solution is really helpful to the OP, or not. This is to prevent providing answers that ...
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Newbie Questions About Etiquette

How do accept a comment as the correct answer to my question? As a newbie, I can't vote, and existing posts about this issue tell me I should click on the grayed out check mark next to the answer. But ...
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A proposal to have a score for a comment [closed]

I would propose a +1 point for the important comments that are voted by the users. Is it possible to do something? See the figure below:
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