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When is (and isn't) it acceptable to edit?

Update: Sort of ironically, this question has been left unedited for a while, even when there seemed to be some consensus in the answers below of the kinds of edits that are acceptable and those that ...
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What goes in the FAQ?

One of the seven essential questions is: what goes in the FAQ. We should bear in mind that no-one ever reads these things first off. Their purpose is so that when someone takes some action (like ...
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When should I start to give back?

So far I think is a great resource for any LaTeX issue I have. Answers given here has been of great value to me, but I started to feel a bit guilty. So far I have only been taking from the ...
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Avoid using the "tex" tag

There is an increasing number of questions on the parent site which are being tagged with tex and latex. Although the second one could be justified in some cases, the first one doesn't have any sense ...
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Pluralize these singular tags

Motivated by Stefan's prompt reaction to Rename {script} to {scripts}, I went through the first five pages of tags looking for singular tags to pluralize, once again with the question Our set of tags ...
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Do we need a [beauty-alert] tag?

I accept that this question is similar to "do not do this", but please hear me out. TeX is, at least in part, about beautiful typesetting. Now, although beauty is subjective, there are a number of ...
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What does the tag {soft-question} mean?

I just saw the soft-question tag on the main site. What does it mean? Is it about software related questions? Or is a "soft-question" the opposite to a "hard-question"? See first question tagged ...
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Revisiting tag policy: xkeyval tag?

Over on main we had a question: " pstricks and beamer compilation with xelatex results in xkeyval error " and the questioner requested the xkeyval be created and placed on his question. Following ...
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What about these stylized tags like SO has?

Over in SO there are some tags that have little icons in them ([Android], various Adobe related tags, etc.) which are both annoying (why should Adobe get extra advertising for free?) and nice (easy to ...
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Why is a certain reputation needed to create new tags?

In Long brackets in flalign the question was raised as a side note, why a certain reputation is needed to create new Tags: On the side note: how come this whole "reputation" does not allow me to ...
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Why is there no {latex} tag?

I noticed none of the questions on TeX.SE have latex as a tag and I cannot even add it to my question. Usually I only deal with pure TeX, so having a latex tag would allow me to quickly skip all the ...
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The Unofficial TeX-SX FAQ

Welcome to (otherwise known as TeX-SX or TeX-SE). This is the unofficial FAQ which we've put together to help you figure out how to make best use of this site. There is an ...
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package tag marginnote vs. command tag marginpar vs. feature of setting margin-notes

The marginnote tag is mentioned for questions about the package marginnote: {marginnote} is about typesetting non-floating notes in margins using the marginnote package. However, AFAIK there is no ...
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Questions migrated from Remove the {latex} tag

This is an appeal to users with the privilege to retag questions, i.e., everyone with a reputation of 500 or more. Questions that reach our site via migration from will almost ...
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Should we have a tag for TexShop?

I just answered a question about TeXShop and I noticed that there's no TeXShop tag. Before creating extraneous or discouraged tags I went over to the tag CW post on meta and it says that "Formats, ...
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