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I've just been asked to write a minimal working example (MWE), what is that?

I was posting some question about this strange thing LaTeX is doing when I try to compile my thesis. Someone asked me to provide a minimal example that reproduces the problem. My thesis is now a few ...
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Text building blocks

There are some replies that are used quite often. For example, the first reply to many questions is a demand for a minimal example. These replies should typically include a link with additional ...
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Respecting poster's style

When editing a question or answer, one usually fixes also occasional slips in capitalization, for example "Latex" into "LaTeX" or "Tikz" into "TikZ"; frequently one sees "i" for "I". If I interpret ...
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Why were my edits rejected?

I improved two posts today to fix several capitalization errors and both were rejected with the following message: I'd prefer to keep barbara's style The suggested edits: is there a "size-...
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What to do about a post when the OP insists on putting a thanks at the end?

Post under discussion is this one. I edited this post by removing the greetings and thanks. I had put a comment as well to point out the norm at this site. The OP insisted on putting the thanks (...
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What does "XY Problem" mean?

I have just been told that my question is an "XY Problem". What does that mean? What am I supposed to do?
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Previous editing and etiquette discussions

We have a recurring theme of Official capitalization of (La)TeX and friends, removing Thanks, code blocking code snippets, retagging, grammar fixing etc. discussion here on Meta-TeX-SX. The reason ...
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Etiquette: Should I edit questions with "Thanks" or wait for Moderator?

I have a question, which to some might be a bit close to splitting hairs: Should I edit a question if there are things like: Thanks in advance UserNoName or the code is not properly ...
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Welcome to TeX.SX!

Welcome to TeX.SX, the free, community driven Questions and Answers site for users of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems. Here is some information to help you get started and to make ...
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What is the policy on adding keyboard markup?

Is it considered good practice to add keyboard markup to posts and, if so, is it acceptable to edit posts when part of the reason or the sole reason for editing is to add such markup? An example of ...
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Why we should not use "Thanks" and why should we use it?

I am a new user and find hard when I get the answer to my question and I have this restriction "do not say "Thanks"". I want to say, but I shouldn't, so I give an upvote (now I can). I want to know ...
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