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I've just been asked to write a minimal working example (MWE), what is that?

I was posting some question about this strange thing LaTeX is doing when I try to compile my thesis. Someone asked me to provide a minimal example that reproduces the problem. My thesis is now a few ...
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Text building blocks

There are some replies that are used quite often. For example, the first reply to many questions is a demand for a minimal example. These replies should typically include a link with additional ...
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When should I start to give back?

So far I think is a great resource for any LaTeX issue I have. Answers given here has been of great value to me, but I started to feel a bit guilty. So far I have only been taking from the ...
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How do I mark code blocks?

How do I mark code blocks, and how do I adjust syntax highlighting? Can I emphasize pieces of my code block? And how do code blocks in lists and blockquotes work?
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Easy way to copy code block?

Wouldn't it be cool to right click anywhere in a code block and have the option "copy code block to clipboard"?
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How do I mark inline code?

How do I mark my inline code in questions and answers, and how can I mark code in comments?
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I've just been told I have to post a follow-up question, why and how?

I'm new to this site and have a similar/the same problem as one already posted, but its answers do not work for me. I posted my issue in the same thread as the original, but someone commented I should ...
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Writing TeX in TeX-style

I think it could be nice to have commands on TeX.SE for writing TEX, LATEX etc. in the same style as in TeX documents. In my opinion, these styles are part of the spirit of the TeX community and ...
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Welcome to TeX.SX!

Welcome to TeX.SX, the free, community driven Questions and Answers site for users of TeX, LaTeX, ConTeXt, and related typesetting systems. Here is some information to help you get started and to make ...
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RSS feed for New questions?

I have an RSS feed set up for "Recent Questions" from several of the stack exchange websites. Any time someone edits an old question, it gets added to the RSS feed for "Recent Questions." Is there a ...
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how to start looking at the question archive starting at a known place in the middle?

there's probably already a question on this, but i couldn't find it. i've been out for a few days, and would like to review what has happened while i was away. i know the number of the last question ...
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How to make `select code` work with google chrome?

I wanted to make a transition from firefox to chrome (on windows). I managed to get all javascript buttons like ctan package and comment block to work with chrome. But.... the life line - select code ...
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Review questions for adding a MWE

Very often we get questions which reference TeX code without any code being present. In many cases, the answer requires a MWE for the answerer to continue on, but it hasn't got a MWE. However, if one ...
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User script for CTAN Package and buttons

I often like to link to the corresponding CTAN page if I mention packages in my posts. I always wished there would be a button which does this for me. I now hacked some Greasemonkey user script ...
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SE contacts list / favourite members / "follow" members

I know there is no private message system nor "friendship" option inside SE Network but, is there something similar, like, for example, an option to mark some members as favourite ones?
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