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Indicating that a question has been answered [duplicate]

Several times now, my questions have been answered "unofficially" in the comments section, rather than posted as an "official" answer. In such a case, how can I, as the OP, indicate that my question ...
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Why do people answer in comments?

Browsing TeX.SE, I have noticed that very frequently people provide answers to a question in the question's comments. See for example BibTeX error "inputenc Error: Unicode char \u8: not set up ...
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Regular "Let's deal with unanswered questions" chat meetings?

Joseph Wright suggested in chat that we arrange to meet regularly in chat to discuss unanswered questions. He said: How does this idea sound: we agree a regular (once a month) slot to discuss ...
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Previous editing and etiquette discussions

We have a recurring theme of Official capitalization of (La)TeX and friends, removing Thanks, code blocking code snippets, retagging, grammar fixing etc. discussion here on Meta-TeX-SX. The reason ...
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What if a comment answers a question by a keyword/hint?

I have read "What if a comment answers a question?" and in most cases I am supposed to ask the user who commented to give an answer. And here is the instance "Timeline for overlapping (multi-year) ...
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Answers that solve the problem without answering the question

I recently posed this question Installing EB Garamond (miktex lua) encore encore The comment thread shows the work @UlrikeFischer, @Herbert, @cfr (combined reputation 235K) did trying to help. What ...
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Make old question answered

There is a bunch of questions that are answered, but not marked so. Is there a way to remove questions from the "unanswered" lists if they are obviously answered? One example: Problem with mhchem ...
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Can't accept answer

Someone answered my question, but there is no checkmark to accept the answer. I've been unable to find out if I need more reputation to do this, if I'm missing something, or if something is wrong. ...
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Allegedly unanswered questions

There are currently more than 3200 questions on that have no upvoted answers. Many of these have been answered, though, often in the comments. Is it somehow possible to mark a question as ...
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A comment sort of answered my question, how do I marked it answered

So I made this question earlier pdflatex stuck compiling, gives no error and a commenter pointed me towards what could be wrong, I changed my document accordingly and now everything works. I want to ...
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