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Why are there tengwar on the TeX stack exchange background?

The top left of the background image contains the tengwar (elvish script) for "ash nazg durbatulük, ash nazg gimbatul," ("One ring to rule them all; one ring to find them") the first line of the ...
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Correct "TeX.SX" section of the site FAQ

Currently, the "What kind of questions can I ask here?" section of the site FAQ reads: Welcome to TeX.SX! TeX.SX is for... However, this is incorrect, as the common nomenclature in use to indicate ...
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Suggestions for account merging across StackExchange network

Questions or new users are often migrated to TeX.SX from Stack Overflow (SO). We try to support their account mergers via the Text Building Blocks: Migrated questions/answers/users [Welcome to TeX....
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Changing stock comment for "'just do it for me' graphics questions" [duplicate]

Edit: @percusse asked a similar/the same question here, and there seems to be a bit more uptake on that version of the question, so perhaps this question should be closed as a duplciate of that one. ...
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Text building block referring to "too localized" must be rephrased

Now that "too localized" is no longer a valid reason for closing a question, the following text building block should be rephrased. [Welcome to TeX.SX!]( On ...
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How to make an account?

How can I make an account? The Welcome to TeX.SX! page suggests "please consider registering your account", without saying how. If I start from the option "help" presents me ...
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