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Quick links (alphabetically) Additional (math) operators, relations and so on ❧ Beamer ❧ Bibliographies and citations ❧ Classes and class options ❧ Core concepts ❧ Cooperation with editors and non-TeX ...
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I've just been asked to write a minimal working example (MWE), what is that?

I was posting some question about this strange thing LaTeX is doing when I try to compile my thesis. Someone asked me to provide a minimal example that reproduces the problem. My thesis is now a few ...
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Text building blocks

There are some replies that are used quite often. For example, the first reply to many questions is a demand for a minimal example. These replies should typically include a link with additional ...
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Our Do-it-for-me and Draw-it-for-me comments don't reflect our hypocrisy. Can they be improved?

Yes, we don't like people pasting something and asking how can I do this? or if it is TikZ, PSTricks, Asymptote case how can I-draw this? without even making a template of a TeX document, let alone ...
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Why is "thanks" inappropriate at the end of a question?

This question seems to indicate that it is inappropriate to say "thanks" at the end of a question, but does not provide justification. In a question I once asked, such thanks were removed and I tried ...
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Do we follow StackExchange rules?

I ran across the following question on the hot question list: Nice scientific pictures show off By StackExchange rules, this question is clearly not suitable. It is far too broad. Also, it is a "...
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Useful StackApps and other User Scripts for TeX.SX

Some people might not know it, but on there are several applications / user scripts available which makes certain tasks easier for moderators and other users which often post ...
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Welcome page needs more welcoming

We try to welcome all new users to the site by giving them a "Welcome to!" link in the comments of their first question or answer. But I've seen a few recently (here's one) where users comment ...
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(How much) should we wait for a MWE from the OP?

I tried to make the question as concise as possible. I apologize if it appears misleading after reading further on and invite you to find a better 'title'. And now to the core of the problem: AFAIK, ...
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"Just do it for me" text building block

We get a few questions that boil down to "just do it for me" (often, but not confined to, drawing questions). These can be highly irritating - especially if you've seen a few go by in a short space ...
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When writing a comment, how do I ensure that the person it is addressed to gets notified?

Often I want to address a comment to a specific user. How can I do that? I've seen that I've got to use the @ symbol for this, but I didn't find the exact rules in the faq. Can I notify any user? Do I ...
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New user asking for TeX.SX usage tips and tricks

Since I am a new user on TeX.SX, I would like to ask the community for some usage tips and tricks to aid us in efficiently using the site and other stackexchange sites. I will include some tips I have ...
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Handling 'non-answers' from new(-ish) users

Making new users feel welcome is very important, and we've discussed before steps to avoid putting them off. At the same time, we want to encourage new users to follow the correct Q&A approach ...
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automatic check for MWE

For many questions (although not all), a MWE is helpful (see, e.g., Should minimal examples be required, or just encouraged, for questions to be answered?). However, many posts don't include one (...
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Not getting reputation points for suggested edits

I think the reputation system is broken... I have edited some questions and tags (TeX main site) and I do not have received the corresponding pontuation. Am I wrong? EDIT: Today I have only 54 ...
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