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How do I properly cite TeX.SE for its help in typesetting?

What is the proper way of citing TeX.SE answers, if I have used them (only) to typeset a document? Let's assume that I am using the site only for typesetting matters, not for content. That is, I will ...
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Proposal to add "academic honesty" to the code of conduct

When reading the code of conduct of this site, I was a bit surprised not to see any explicit mention of "academic honesty" there. According to how I read this, you can shamelessly copy ...
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What do we do when we see plagiarism of a TexStackExchange answer?

Looking for something I found this website claiming that the author write an article. However, this is only a copy paste of this answer publish one year ...
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Using TeX to help others

On TeX.SX we can help other people use TeX and friends. But what are some ways we can use TeX and friends to help other people? Most users here, it seems, are typesetting research theses, articles,...
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Repackaging code of absent user(s)

Andrew's question regarding Relicensing code from answers requests users to releasing their code answers under a "more free" license in order to promote dissemination and re-use. What would be the ...
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Creating packages from other people's answers

I've received a number of answers which I am using regularly, i.e. in a large number of separate LaTeX documents. For example: Torn page effect Proportional font, word-wrapping verbatim Fontspec ...
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Tracking my old comments

Not that I have a driving need for it, but I recently tried to track down an old comment (my own), and found no mechanism for it. Am I missing something?
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Add an additional Licence to "MY" content

following the discussion on licensing, I propose an additional field in the user-profile (this can be a SE-wide thing, or just for TeX.SE, though it would probably fit in Programming.SE as well, as an ...
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Substantial overlap with post by other user(s)

This is not necessarily a TeX meta question but I do not know where to ask it. From the arXiv I am used that submissions get flagged if they have substantial or some overlap with papers by the same or ...
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How to give attribution for answers?

I've used some answers here to help make figures and do other things in documents I've created. To make the question specific, consider this question - drawing oddly shaped nodes to contain existing ...
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When and how to relicense code from StackExchange posts

After using LaTeX for many years, I recently found the need to learn about TeX to program a more sophisticated solution to a problem. This site has been incredibly valuable for this. Solving my ...
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Copyright/reuse rules

What are the rules for re-using code? I'm publicly posting a document that used code verbatim from this link, and I don't know what kind of accreditation I am to give, let alone whether I am allowed ...
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Repository of LaTeX graphs, code from this site and licensing

Some colleagues and I are creating a database of LaTeX based graphs (TikZ, PgfPlots, etc) to be used in Economics (by students, academics, professionals, etc). This will be an online database, freely ...
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