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I've just been asked to write a minimal working example (MWE), what is that?

I was posting some question about this strange thing LaTeX is doing when I try to compile my thesis. Someone asked me to provide a minimal example that reproduces the problem. My thesis is now a few ...
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When is (and isn't) it acceptable to edit?

Update: Sort of ironically, this question has been left unedited for a while, even when there seemed to be some consensus in the answers below of the kinds of edits that are acceptable and those that ...
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How do you accept an answer?

I have been "accepting answers" to my questions by up voting the good answers received for my questions. However, I have a 0% accept rate. :( Apparently, I do not know how to accept answers.
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Our set of tags

After a few questions about tags, meta-tags, what is valid and what should not, I thought it would be useful to keep all of this information in one place. Eventually this will be also useful to ...
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Why doesn't maths render as maths?

On some other SE sites, code in between dollar signs gets rendered as mathematics (using MathJaX, I believe). This doesn't seem to work here? Why not? And how do I get round it?
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When writing a comment, how do I ensure that the person it is addressed to gets notified?

Often I want to address a comment to a specific user. How can I do that? I've seen that I've got to use the @ symbol for this, but I didn't find the exact rules in the faq. Can I notify any user? Do I ...
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How do I mark code blocks?

How do I mark code blocks, and how do I adjust syntax highlighting? Can I emphasize pieces of my code block? And how do code blocks in lists and blockquotes work?
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Which questions should be marked 'Community Wiki'? Which ones should just be closed?

This is one of the few things that always annoyed me on StackOverflow: people use CW as a kind of catch-all options under which everything is allowed. If there's any kind of controversy about a ...
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Things to do on a slow day at TeX-SE

Somehow I get the feeling that the influx of new (and good) questions is rather slow. So I have a few suggestions here for you that might give somebody a good idea how to spend a useful hour building ...
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How do I mark inline code?

How do I mark my inline code in questions and answers, and how can I mark code in comments?
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how can i upload an image to be included in a question or answer?

can this question be added to the faq, please? i've spent several hours looking for the answer -- i know it's there, because i happened on it a couple of months ago, but didn't record its location. ...
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Quality Standards for Answers

This should probably be added to the FAQ at some point, but I think it merits a bit of discussion first. What should we expect for answers to be regarded as great answers on this site? This is a list ...
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New user asking for TeX.SX usage tips and tricks

Since I am a new user on TeX.SX, I would like to ask the community for some usage tips and tricks to aid us in efficiently using the site and other stackexchange sites. I will include some tips I have ...
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I've just been told I have to post a follow-up question, why and how?

I'm new to this site and have a similar/the same problem as one already posted, but its answers do not work for me. I posted my issue in the same thread as the original, but someone commented I should ...
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About meta-tagging

In a recent blog post, Jeff Atwood explains their new policy about meta-tags: From this point on, meta-tagging is explicitly discouraged. But, what's a meta-tag? How do you differentiate a meta-...
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