Recently I noticed a very common behavior about new users, they ask questions without providing MWEs.

As an example, this question have more than one comment about lack of MWE. enter image description here

While review questions I notice there are two default comments to question unclearand question is too broad.

enter image description here

Suggestion and question

I think adding a third one: Please a MWE with some default links would be quite useful. Mainly the links:

Could such feature be added to the Share Feedback default answers?


I know there is a link to how to ask a good question here on the right side

enter image description here

and (probably) a pop-up also appears for the very first question, as it showed to me here at my first question on meta.

enter image description here

Even with these tools, it seems many new users only understand the need for a MWE when a comment doing so is done. Creating a default comment with links would be a nice shortcut for the Community. It is easier than remembering the necessary links or searching for them. Those links are very useful and are (should be) used quite often.

By the way, I notice while typing I don't know if asking a question in Meta is the best way to present a suggestion of feature to the own website.

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    Well personally I think it is nicer and more convincing if there is a comment from a real person and not a "Community Bot" message. Also when I see such a question I'm already on the page and it takes me only about 10-20 seconds to type such a comment, I doubt that I would save much time by clicking though some review tools interfaces to find a template. message. Commented Mar 23, 2022 at 9:22


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