For my last question Define a polynomial symbolically, then differentiate it to find its local maximum, I was told that asking for using TeX packages luacode or pythontex to make a complete typesetting solution is out the scope of this community.

So, would someone explain to me how asking for an integrative typesetting help with already-published TeX packages is something irrelevant to this site?

For example, how does my question radically differ from this question Help integrating some Lua code into a Luatex document? in terms of relevance to this site?

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    Why did someone downvote this question? I will give you a +1 for making it back to zero.
    – L.J.R.
    Mar 21 at 14:59
  • well I would say the question how to solve the equation with lua or python code is out of scope of this site. Once you have the code you could ask how to call it from a tex document but that is quite a different question (and imho there are already various answers for this). Mar 21 at 16:50
  • @UlrikeFischer In theory, you are completely right. However, I think many questions ask for lua code to help with typesetting problems, and they weren't flegged of being out of this site scope. I already asked for a help with lua or python code to make a complete solution. After the question had been closed, I figures out the solution using python, which means that a potential benefit to future readers has been prevented by closing the question. BTW, I am not interested in re-opening it but I just make a point.
    – Diaa
    Mar 22 at 6:48


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