I always found it irritating that on the question site you cannot jump to pages in the middle of the site. As you see in the picture you can jump to page 2-5 and 4501, but the questions in the middle are out of reach. You basically will never find out what questions are on page 2035. You have to click your way through.

enter image description here

Of course one can say "why would you need that". If you have a question you can either ask for it or search for a keyword.

But I think it will be beneficial to have something like a go to page X button, so that one can occasionally scan through old questions to edit, comment or flag questions he would otherwise never have seen. This would imho help to keep the site clean. I know that there are all kinds of filters but sometimes I just like to read here a little to learn new things. But I will never see what (maybe useful) questions are on page 2035.

Is there a way to jump to other pages? Is it possible to establish a go to page X button?


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You can jump to a specific page eg this is page 7


enter image description here

Once there, there are buttons for the next few pages eg 8 and 9 so you can click through to those.

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