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I am @Gomesz785.(SO account, Tex.SE account)

One week ago I setted up this SO account. I was active in the site. Then When I went to Tex.SE and I logged on/connected Using my SO account.

Now I am on a different Computer; Logged on to SO. But When I go To Tex.SE there is no option to Login with a connected-SO account. I created My SO account with my GitHub account; but there seems to be no option for that either.

Am I missing somewhere In auth-ing or Simply misunderstanding something? Why can't I log in to Tex.SE?

Tex.SE login window

enter image description here

Feel Free to comment & ask questions from me.


SO = Stack Overflow

Tex.SE = Tex Stack exchange

Meta.SE = Meta Stack exchange

Edit: I still get notification updates from the Tex.SE posts from the SO notifications tab/the section in the bar, But can't reply, upvote, mark as answers because i can't login.

Edit 2: One can notice that I should/can/must answer this in Meta.SE but Can't login to it either :( .


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