I just noticed that on the main-site, TeX-LaTeX-StackExchange, the look of things shown while editing/typing to the editor-window differs from the look of things after submitting the question/answer.

An example of this behavior is my answer to the question How do use {} in \tl_set_rescan:Nnn to replace \scantokens?:

At the bottom, where I typed the following:


while editing/typing, things looked like this:

enter image description here

After submitting/cancelling the edit, things look like this:

enter image description here

This behavior is new and it distorts answers of mine given in the past.

Why does the look of things change after submitting?

This is for testing-purposes:



\verbcontrol word token+12t11e11x11t11+12

Seems the behavior occurs at TeX-LaTeX-StackExchange (the main site)
but does not occur here at TeX-LaTeX-Meta.

Syntax-highlighting at the main site has something to do with it:

At TeX-LaTeX-StackExchange you have syntax-highlighting and things are colored in blue.

At TeX-LaTeX-Meta you don't have syntax-highlighting and things are black.

If on the main site you prepend <!-- language: lang-none -->, i.e.,

<!-- language: lang-none --><pre><code>\verb<sub>control&nbsp;word&nbsp;token</sub>+<sub>12</sub>t<sub>11</sub>e<sub>11</sub>x<sub>11</sub>t<sub>11</sub>+<sub>12</sub></code></pre>

, then on the main site <sub>..</sub> are not ignored and things are not colored in blue.

In the past on the main-site you didn't need to prepend <!-- language: lang-none --> and in the past things while editing looked the same as after submitting.

Did the the way in which syntax-highlighting at the main site works change recently?

  • looks fine for me i.sstatic.net/qUd2T.png Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 13:01
  • @samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz I edited my question and provided an example which nowadays doesn't look fine any more for me both with Chromium and with Thinderbird and with Iceweasel. Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 13:07
  • I see. With the new example, I can reproduce this on stackoverflow.com Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 13:50
  • The last major change to the syntax highlighting I'm aware of was meta.stackexchange.com/questions/348746/… , but this was already before your answer Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 13:51
  • @samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz Perhaps this is due to a minor change. In any case I will do everything I can for generally preventing sytrax-highlighting in the future. In my opinion TeX-LaTeX-StackExchange offers too many possibilities through which third parties can interfere and distort a given answer -- either by unqualified editing, or by weird changes to the mechanisms for rendering/displaying. I miss the time when the main place for discussing (La)TeX was usenet / comp.text.tex. Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 13:57
  • syntax highlighting is usually quite stable if one uses either indenting or code fences Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 14:01
  • @samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz Often I face the situation that I can't use code fences or indenting because I need <sub>..</sub> or even s.th. like <kbd>A<sub>12</sub></kbd> for displaying tokens with category-code (which actually are not code but exist while (La)TeX processes the code). The point is: Between writing my answer and today the way things are displayed changed in a way where the need arises to check all questions/answers ever written by me for proper displaying. The biggest misconception is that things are presented differently while typing than after submitting. Commented Jul 15, 2021 at 14:10


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