I'd like to share some findings on package g-brief, which was designed to write business letters with layout, as used in Germany.

Now, it's not a question I'm about to ask... it's a description of how to make this package work to create serial letters. I'd be presenting the approach from a website I found, with some adaptions to make it more digestible.

Where/how should I post it?

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Consider phrasing your "how to manual" in the form of a question. Here's a fictitious start:

I'd like to create some business letters with layout using the g-brief package. However, I'm uncertain how to go about it as the documentation isn't clear on what to do and where. I'd like to specifically put X in some specific spot and ensure that Y is always in some other specific spot. How can I achieve this?

Here is a minimal document that I've set up with the information I currently have:


<more preamble stuff>


<document stuff>


Of course, the specifics about the problem should be updated to match what you aim to show.


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