I am tryin to add an image and the image I selected is not what is displayed in Typeset Only First n Items or Items after n from a List.

I have acreen shots of what I am trying to upload but of course since I can't properly include an image that does not help in this situation.


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This issue has been fixed (on Imgur's side). For more details on what happened, see I am getting the wrong image when uploading a picture.


I experience more or less the same:

No matter what file I upload, the image https://i.stack.imgur.com/gGfsT.png is displayed:

enter image description here

I helped myself as follows:

  • I browsed to the page https://imgur.com/upload and uploaded my image-file there.

  • The file got uploaded and the uploaded image was displayed.

  • I clicked the image with the right mouse-button.

  • A context-menu opened where by clicking with the left mouse-button I could select "copy image address".

  • This way I had the URL of the image stored in the clipboard.

  • I switched back to TeX-LaTeX-StackExchange and created the link to the image manually:
    Pattern in the window for editing is:

    • Within the text:
      [![enter image description here][⟨number of link⟩]][⟨number of link⟩]
    • At the bottom:
      ⟨space⟩⟨space⟩[⟨number of link⟩]:⟨space⟩⟨URL⟩

    ⟨URL⟩ is the URL stored in the clipboard.
    ⟨space⟩ is a space-character (code-point number 32(dec)=20(hex) in Unicode).

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