The answers are typically sorted in each thread: accepted answer followed by answers sorted by the earned points. But my account has changed this feature a few days ago and I don't know how. Now, the answers are sorted randomly, for example Where do I start LaTeX programming? has 191 points in question and the answers are sorted by 215 (accepted), 0, 1 (deleted), -2 (deleted), 11, 7, 3 (deleted), 72. I want the normal sorting: 215, 72, 11, 7, 0, followed by three deleted answers.

It seems that it is an account-dependent problem but I don't know how to correct it.


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There are buttons at the top right corner of the answer area for sorting

  • by latest active
  • by votes
  • by age (oldest first)

Perhaps you clicked one. If you don't see the buttons, try with a different browser. Click on "Votes" to revert to the original sorting by points (votes).

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