I wanted to understand if it's my problem only that when I get a positive score on the achievement icon (cup) you do not see the small green symbol that indicates the reputation. It's been happening to me since this morning.


This is considered "status by design" where the achievements icon only shows aggregated reputation if it's positive. If you had an answer upvote (+10) and downvote (-2), the aggregation would show +8. If a user was removed and it influenced your reputation (-95 in your case) and you only had two answer upvotes (+20), the aggregated total of -75 won't show.

Note that the aggregation is made from the last time you clicked on the achievements icon. So, while it might not have shown anything for your reputation loss of -75 on 2019-05-25, once you clicked on the achievement icon, the aggregation timeline resets.

Reference: Why do reputation drops not highlight the Achievements icon?


Now it is work, why before no?

enter image description here

  • Is this an answer to your original question or just an addendum to your question? (I think that, if some voting got corrected and you lose points, the green symbols will only show if you overcompensated your losses, or clicked on your reputation button.) – user121799 May 26 '19 at 15:03
  • @marmot Very kindly I have put this as an answer to show that the situation is settled. I thought that if I had edited my question, there was no time between my question and the resolution of my problem. No no, I know that you click on the green score the icon disappears immediately after. I have not clicked on the cup absolutely. – Sebastiano May 26 '19 at 15:13
  • This is not what I wanted to say. I mean that, since you like many others lost some reputation due to the removal of a user, the reputation gain does not show until it exceeds your losses or you click on the icon. – user121799 May 26 '19 at 15:15
  • @marmot Yes, I understand better now. I thought it was my problem, so this is because a user has been removed. Could you please convert your comment into a reply? Thank you very much. – Sebastiano May 26 '19 at 15:24

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