I'm new to public mailing lists, other than those at my workplace. I was browsing the pgf-users mailing list and I find that many of the questions come from end-users. Such questions perfectly fit the StackExchange format.

I was wondering if anybody ever sent out invitations to join TeX StackExchange. I don't know what the social implications will be to the traditional mailing list community. I mean, why would I opt for the mailing list when there is StackExchange which is suitable for end-user questions?

Well, to start off, I think the mailing list is still a good tool for focused developer groups.

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As a mailing list subscriber, I don't think I would appreciate posts specifically advertising TeX.SX. However, sometimes I will post a link to an answer on the site in response to a question on a mailing list. This is entirely appropriate, and is a good way to publicize the site without explicit advertising.


At TUG 2011 Stefan Kottwitz made a presentation of TeX.SX which is relevant in converting mailing list users. It includes a comparison of different communication forms and lists some advantages of TeX.SX.

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