On occasions when there are several commentators on a question or answer it can be useful to give a particular response to more than one of these, but SE only allows a response to be directed to a single person. I don't see why can't a message be shouldn't directed to multiple recipients. I think that this might involve a minor change to SE but save the users much time and effort.

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    This is a site wide function that will not change. There's a main meta question on it, but no official response: Why only one @user per comment?. – Alan Munn Jan 11 at 22:01
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    The formal description of the functionality is described here: How do comment @replies work?. Ironically I couldn't put both links in the same comment since there were two @ signs. – Alan Munn Jan 11 at 22:02
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    I find this also very annoying. I cannot say something like "@ABC, I agree with @DEF that this is nice." Sometimes it would really help if one could do such things. – marmot Jan 12 at 0:23

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